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Hello! My name is Dan and this is my construction and repair blog. I don't work in the industry myself, I have recently used a lot of different contractors during the construction of my home. Construction contractors used machinery to dig and lay the foundations for my home before the walls and trusses where installed. A roofing company installed a metal roof and contractors installed plumbing and electrical utilities. I was very impressed with the results and I learnt lots of cool things during the completion of this project. This blog contains information which will be useful to other people who plan to work with construction contractors.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality When You Have Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner has a direct impact on your home's indoor air quality. If you want to protect or improve the quality of your air, there are numerous steps that can help. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Replace the Filter

All air conditioning units have an air filter. Whether they are a small ductless window or wall units or large HVAC units, there is always some kind of filter. Locate your filter and consider replacing it on a regular basis.

If your current filter is not a HEPA filter, see if you can find a HEPA filter that fits your AC. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and this type of filter is more effective at removing small particles from your air than any other type of filter.

2. Clean the Ducts

If you have a ducted system, dust and allergens can build up in the ductwork. When your AC is on, those particles get blown back into your home. To protect yourself, consider having the ducts professionally cleaned.

3. Dust the Vents

You may also want to clean your vents. They can become dust traps full of animal hair and other particles. However, if you vacuum and dust the vents on a regular basis, that prevents those elements from blowing around your home.

4. Put air Filters on Your Ceiling Fan Blades

A ceiling fan can help you save money on cooling costs, as the fan helps to move cool air around your home. However, you can also use your ceiling fans to improve your indoor air quality. Consider buying a small disposable filter that attaches to your fan blades. These filters trap contaminants, germs, and bacteria, and when the filter is saturated, you just throw it away and put on a new one. This takes some pressure off your AC.

5. Focus on Ventilation

Letting outdoor air into your home also helps to improve your indoor air quality. If your air conditioner is part of an HVAC system, make sure that you don't forget about the "v" in that acronym. The v stands for ventilation, and unfortunately, many homes don't have enough of it.

Talk with a professional to see if your home has enough ventilation and increase as needed. For example, you may want to add extra ventilation in the attic, or you may want to add fans to your bathroom or kitchen that vent to the great outdoors.