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Hello! My name is Dan and this is my construction and repair blog. I don't work in the industry myself, I have recently used a lot of different contractors during the construction of my home. Construction contractors used machinery to dig and lay the foundations for my home before the walls and trusses where installed. A roofing company installed a metal roof and contractors installed plumbing and electrical utilities. I was very impressed with the results and I learnt lots of cool things during the completion of this project. This blog contains information which will be useful to other people who plan to work with construction contractors.

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Is it Better to Build a Home Extension or Move to a New Home?

Do you feel like you never have enough space? Are things piling up in the home such that you're considering putting them in storage? In such situations, you may immediately think of moving into a larger home. You may consider a more spacious property with more rooms, a larger basement, or extra storage space. However, when you start factoring in the associated costs, this option stops becoming so appealing. You will often have to sell your home first, get a mortgage for a new property, and undergo the lengthy buying/selling process. Read More 

Skylight Windows: Safety And Security

Skylight windows can be a great addition to any home or workplace, particularly when put in a position to allow for an optimum amount of sunlight. Skylight windows are generally safe, provided that the correct precautions and measures are taken when installed and that they can be adequately protected from intruders. When considering safety and security regarding skylight windows, the following should be considered When installing skylight windows, one must consider the possibility of falling. Read More 

3 Ways Commercial Bricklaying Can Give Your Small Business Curb Appeal

Business and buildings change hands on a routine basis in the business world. This means that the building you have purchased for your business may have had a totally different use for the last company. If you are facing an issue where the business you have purchased needs some curb appeal in order to appeal to your client base, consider the three ways commercial bricklaying can help. Retaining Walls You may not think of retaining walls as a way to add curb appeal to a business. Read More 

High-Value Home Renovations That Do Not Cost a Fortune

Irrespective if you are paying out a mortgage for your home or leasing it, your residence is still your haven. Therefore, when your property starts to appear decrepit, you probably have contemplated how best to spruce up its appearance. The main reason why individuals tend to be wary of engaging in home renovations is they assume they would inevitably break the bank. In truth, remodelling your premises does not have to go beyond your budget. Read More 

Why choosing the right timber supplies matters to your project

If you have a project that requires plenty of wood then you will need to arrange a delivery of timber supplies from your local dealer, such as Hayter's Timber & Paving. When considering which wood to purchase it will help if you have a clear idea of exactly what your project will look like and how you will use all of the wood before you commit to buying it. Isn't all timber the same? Read More